Impulsa E-Learning Campus

In the framework of "IMPULSA - Promoting a Social Football" project, and taking advantage from the experiences and learnings gained, we offer a set of open non-guided courses, based on the self learning made by interested public. All self learning courses at the IMPULSA E-Learning Platform are specifically aimed to those persons (youth workers, coachers, etc.) who are interested in bringing new perspective in their work to develop non-formal educational projects based in the practice of sports in general and football in particular.

Youth Work is a relevant tool and method to deal with young people´s needs and aspirations. But it is not widely used when delivering sports activities. The aim of this self learning course is to give an overview of the basics of youth work to promote a reflexion on how it can be incorporated to sport activities, fostering participation of young people and bringing them into the center of the learning processes.

Along this course you will be able to go through key concepts such as youth work objectives, theory and methods, the relevance and challenges of youth participation in the context of youth work, the role of a coach/youth worker and EU policies and programs. Learning about youth work requires a "learning by doing approach", so it should be better learnt by dynamic workshops. Nonetheless, the materials presented can be a guide to organize different sessions to widespread the different topics.

It is well known that sport and football is a powerful tool to motivate thousands of people and youngsters around the world. It is therefore the responsibility of educator, youth workers and coachers to include a pedagogical dimension in their work with young people in order to ensure values acquisition and learning.

Along this course you will be able to access relevant information and materials to promote education and social inclusion through sports. The course is designed in an open format that can be accessed at any moment; anyway, we advise to go through the contents in the proposed order to fix the relevant concepts. First of all you will discover the relationship between education, values and sports. Then, you will find examples and models about how to include an educational and inclusive perspective in the practice of sports. To end with, you will be able to better understand the concept of social entrepreneurship in the field of sports.